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Prof.Dr Andrea Maier-Nöth is a scientific consultant and speaker in the area of health psychology and nutrition. Her expertise focuses on the subject of healthy and pleasurable eating in infants. As a scientist, she has worked many years in depth in the area of early taste development in infants, including its influence on long-term healthy eating habits.

As Managing Director of Eat-Health-Pleasure GmbH, Ms Maier-Nöth develops, among other things, preventive nutritional concepts to promote the health of pregnant women and infants into adulthood.

Ms Maier-Nöth is a doctor of health psychology and nutrition sciences and holds a Bachelor and a Master in food technology and nutrition sciences. She advises universities, public institutions and food manufacturers and is committed as a speaker and lecturer at congresses and further training events for the subjects of health, prevention and nutrition. She also gives lectures as a guest professor at universities in Switzerland and Germany. In her professional career, she has worked for universities and companies in various countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Ireland) in research and development.

Ms Maier-Nöth has a two-year-old child and lives with her family in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.