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Overview of expertise

Internationally active expert in the area of child nutrition with special consideration of an holistic approach, i.e. physiologic, mental and sociocultural aspects.

  • Long-standing experience in health and nutritional sciences, consumer and sensory research
  • Recognised expert in the area of development of food preferences and sensory perception in infants and their influence on healthy eating habits over the long term
  • Research expert in the area of healthy eating habits in infants in connection with physical and cognitive development
  • Scientist in the area of food variety in early child nutrition taking into account cultural differences and allergy prevention
  • Author of numerous publications and specialist magazines as well as presenter of conferences; integration with key KOLs
  • Experienced in holding and accompanying internationally renowned research programmes in the area of nutrition, consumer and sensory research
  • Competent in applied research and, in particular, its implementation in efficient product communication and marketing
  • Expert in the management and implementation of innovation processes with special consideration of holistic nutrition and health aspects
  • Well-founded expertise in strategic product advice in the area of child nutrition

Research experience 

2016 – 2017 Scientific advisor and guest professor: Health psychology and nutritional sciences, universities and public institutions and food manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

2011 – 2016 Head of Consumer and Sensory Research and Nutritional Sciences, Nestlé Product Technology Center, Singen (D)

2010 – 2013 Scientific advisor to the Research Institute for Child Nutrition Dortmund (FKE) in a joint BMBF project (PINGU study); special focus: fatty acid optimisation and its influence on the cognitive and visual development of infants

2007 – 2011 Scientific Head of the Child Nutrition Platform: developing and conducting international research projects in the area of healthy child nutrition and prevention of obesity, Nestlé Research Centre, Lausanne (CH)

2004 – 2007 Post-doctoral studies (PhD) & teaching assignment in nutrition and health psychology, Université de Bourgogne and Center for Taste and Feeding Behaviour, Dijon, France; special focus: cultivation of taste and food variety in infancy on various countries

2001 – 2004 Master of Science (MSc.) & teaching assignment in food sciences at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA; special focus: sensory-specific satiety and food choice

1999 – 2001 Thesis in nutrition and food sciences, University in Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; special focus: food sensors and consumer research

1995 – 1999 Bachelor (BSc.) in nutrition and food sciences, Fulda Technical College, Germany; special focus: nutrition science, food sensors

1998 Research and teaching assistant, Dairy Research Centre (Moorepark Technology) in Cork, Ireland; special focus: process and quality management in milk processing plants

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Technical College, Graz (AT) / Berne (CH)

  • Development of healthy eating habits in infants and children
  • Scientific research methods for measuring food acceptance
  • Behavioural research of infants and mother/child interaction

Université de Bourgogne, Dijon (FR)

  • Health psychology
  • Cultural differences of eating habits and consumer behaviour

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)

  • Introduction to food science
  • Sensor analysis and statistics
  • Sociology of nutrition

University of Otago, Dunedin (NZL)

  • Introduction to nutrition science and food processing
  • Introduction to food sensors and market research

Fulda Technical College (D)

  • Process and quality management


Lectures and Talks

        Nestlé Nutrition Institute Germany

Current topics relating to infancy: Cultivation of taste in infancy and practical consequences.

Congress Centre of Hamburg, Dresden and Bochum (D)               Link to webinar

Austrian Paediatrician Congress

Gourmet or poor eater – what factors influence eating habits?

Graz (AT)

Scientific Symposium HIPP

Food variety and taste cultivation in child nutrition – what can we learn from other European countries?

Science and Congress Centre Cologne (D)

National Initiative Conscious Child Nutrition (BeKi) Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg

Variety and cultivation of taste in child nutrition – different approaches and consequences in Europe.

Ministry Building Stuttgart (D)

Hero Institute for Infant Version Nutrition

How to develop healthy eating habits in infants and young children.

International Conference Center Prague (CZ)

ESPGHAN (European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) ANNUAL MEETING:

Infant sensor cultivation: The key to healthy and pleasurable eating.

International Conference Center Prague (CZ)


New laws for infant food – consequences for products, research & development and consumers. Innovations in infant nutrition – glance over the shoulder and scientific future prospects.

Berlin (D)

Holle Baby Food GmbH:

Taste and its cultivation in infants – the key to a healthy diet.

Gewerbehaus Riehen (CH)

The 3rd International Conference on Nutrition & Growth:

Variety & Repeated Exposure: Fruits and vegetables are so important and yet many infants & toddlers don`t get enough.

Reed Messe Vienna (AT)