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Scientific advice

Eat-Health-Pleasure GmbH provides companies in the nutrition and healthcare sectors as well as scientific institutions the following services:

Consumer/Market analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer analysis on the identification of new requirements segments in the areas of nutrition, health and lifestyle
  • Presentation and analysis of development tendencies in infants and children under biological, nutrition-physiological, mental and social aspects
  • Determination of new product niches that match the existing image and know-how (target/is analysis)

Trend research

  • Development of innovative, market-compliant products and services on the basis of new scientific studies
  • Micro trend versus macro trend: Identification of relevant product trends and their impact on product, packaging and service development
  • Determination and analysis of new, nutrition-relevant lifestyles (e.g. vegan) and their impact on product development

Development of innovative food concepts

  • Creative, solution-driven development of new food concepts after detailed analysis of the current range
  • Development of recommended action for the marketing of product innovations
  • Support in the development of new food sectors or service ranges with a focus on indulgence and well-being, taking into account nutrition-physiological, mental and social aspects
  • Innovative development of culinary recipe ideas on the basis of current trends (e.g. food pairing) and contemporary or traditional cooking methods. Use of these as an inspiration for innovation projects, product renewal or marketing

Product optimisation and strategy

  • Strategic advice in the development of new product ideas in child nutrition
  • Development of recipes optimised in culinary and nutrition-physiological terms
  • Determination of cultural/local taste preferences and product optimisation based on it

Applied science

  • Integration of the latest research results in the entire product cycle (concept development, product development, marketing)

Marketing and communication

  • Target group-compliant communication of the latest scientific findings to parents, key opinion leaders (internationally operating doctors & professors, directors of healthcare centres, etc.) and healthcare professionals (paediatricians, midwives, etc.)
  • Use of the sensory & emotional claims for the successful communication and marketing of a product and packaging
  1. Sensory claims regarding colour, taste, texture or aroma are not yet subject to comprehensive legal regulation. This makes them particularly suitable for communication, as the focusing on outstanding, characteristic and nutritional quality aspects is becoming increasingly crucial for the success of a product.
  2. Emotional claims: Speaking to emotions as a positive anchor for healthy and pleasurable eating

 Scientific coaching

  • Research projects in connection with early taste development in infants and healthy and pleasurable eating habits in children
  • Research projects in the area of behavioural research (measurement of emotions, etc.)
  • Presenting holistic healthcare and nutrition concepts with special consideration of physical exercise
  • Research and prevention concepts relating to the concept of obesity

Scientific representation

  • Assignment as a scientific representative for foods companies, public institutions, sponsors, foundations, etc. with the aim of present current research results to a defined target audience

Community support

  • Individual nutritional advice of families, pregnant women, etc. on behalf of companies (among other things on the basis of digital communication)
  • Acting as a healthcare partner or key opinion leader on behalf of companies (e.g. when conducting studies via the internet)



Universities/Research associations

  • Support in scientific papers and publications
  • Presentations on the subjects of the development of food preference in infants and healthy eating habits in children or variety and cultural differences in child nutrition
  • Collaboration in the implementation of programmes against obesity with the involvement of support persons (kindergarten pedagogues, parents) and children
  • Behavioural research in the area of obesity prevention (i.e. measurement of emotions in babies and infants) for the purposes of product optimisation

Healthcare professional

  • Individual and target group-compliant presentation of the latest science on the subject of early sensory development in children» to paediatricians, midwives, healthcare centres, etc.

Scientific events

  • Strategic and scientific coaching at symposia, conferences and fairs