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A healthy AND tasty diet? It’s possible!

Eat-Health-Pleasure GmbH develops target group-compliant nutrition courses and tasting seminars and conducts them for or jointly with its customers. The courses are adjusted to the individual needs of children, parents and/or adults in terms of content and teaching in accordance with customer requests. Time frame, frequency and venue (kindergartens, schools, canteens, healthcare centres, etc.) can be chosen flexibly.

Training sessions, seminars, workshops

In line with the motto of eating and (e)motion, children and adults are familiarised with the subject of a healthy diet.

The sessions consist of the following components:


Exploring and promoting vision, hearing and touching as well as of the smelling and tasting as part of a sensory course.


Enjoying cooking together and promoting positive emotions and a conscious and healthy diet.

Being active

Physical exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and promotes children’s ability to concentrate and develop.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can quickly happen that our senses wither. However, well-trained senses are a key requirement to indulgence. That is why it is important for children and adults to experience their senses. Our indulgence seminars help children to bring their smelling and tasting senses back to life in a playful manner. They promote the interest and joy in healthy and tasty food, and therefore also in quality of life.

Experiencing indulgence

In our seminars we send our children on an exciting expedition across all taste directions. Using all five senses (smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling, hearing), they explore the variety of tastes of certain foods and culinary menus in a playful manner.

Examples of indulgence seminars:

  • Seasonal indulgence workshops with special subject areas (e.g. apple, pepper, tomato:)
  • Production of foods (e.g. bread, noodles)
  • Use of herbs and spices as a replacement of sugar and salt, among others
  • Combination of foods that naturally supplement one another and create an indulgence experience through the combination of aromas, taste and texture (food pairing)
  • Culinary journey around the world: Recipes from regional and international cuisines

(for parents and children from pre-school age)

Tasty food need to be unhealthy or time-consuming in preparation. In our cookery courses, we acquaint children with the basics of cooking in a playful manner. In doing so, they also get to know previously unknown foods and aromas. Exciting excursions to an organic farm, organic nursery or visiting a professional kitchen illustrate the various interrelations of a healthy diet. The parents are also involved and cooked for by their children once per course.

(for children from pre-school age to the age of 12)