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“Any child can learn to eat in a healthy and pleasurable manner.”

The first smile, the first step, the first word… We never learn as much as in our earliest childhood. And: What children learn in their first 1,000 days characterises them for the rest of their lives. This includes, in particular, their eating habits. Anyone setting the right course here lays the foundation for a healthy life. Be it growth, the immune system or mental development: they all benefit from a healthy diet.

But although the medical interrelations between diet and health are broadly known, nutrition-related sicknesses such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases constitute an increasing problem. Only prevention that sets in as early as possible can counteract this development effectively. This is where my work as an experienced nutrition and food scientist comes in. It focuses on the  development of food preference in infants and its influence on healthy eating habits over a long term. In this context, it is particularly important to me to create an understanding for the fact that a healthy and pleasurable diet a.) is not a contradiction and b.) can be learnt in childhood. In this way, I wish to contribute to promoting the health of children and having a positive impact on eating habits and the quality of life in adult life.

My long-standing, scientific activities in the area of child nutrition mean that I dispose of a high degree of proven expertise. On this basis, I develop preventive health and nutrition concepts for children and pregnant women and accompany their practical implementation. My work focuses on providing scientific advice to food companies, public institutions and communal catering (daycare schools, schools, catering businesses, etc.), universities and healthcare centres, clinics and institutes as well as healthcare staff (paediatricians, nurses, midwives, etc.).